CPIC welcomes other national and international groups to assist with the clinical implementation of pharmacogenetics.

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Members are expected to read and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Members.  Guideline authors are expected to sign the MOU for Publications.

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List of Members

This member list is the current list of active members. It is updated automatically upon member approval.

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First name Last name Institution City Country Informatics Member Group 
Seyed Ali Hosseini Invitae Seattle, WA USA industry
Richard Wallsten Sema4 Stamford, CT USA industry
Margo Lee InnovativeGx Laboratories San Antonio, TX USA industry
Jacquelyn Mahder PWNHealth New York, NY USA industry
Kathleen O'Brien Quest Diagnostics Secaucus, NY USA industry
Patrick McCormick Intelligent Medical Objects Denver, CO USA Y industry
Steven Silverman Genetworx Glen Allen, VA USA industry
Bethany Miller BASE10 Genetics Chicago, IL USA industry
Helena Mendes Soares OneOme Minneapolis , MN USA industry
Tracy Pham Invitae San Diego, CA USA industry
Cathryn Jennissen OneOme Minneapolis, MN USA industry
Catherine Peng Translational Software, Inc. Redwood City, CA USA industry
Eldar Dedic Self-employed Tuzla Bosnia & Herzegovina industry
Robin Everts Agena Bioscience San Diego, CA USA industry
Carol Bell CB Pharmacy Consulting, LLC Philadelphia, Tennessee USA industry
Kevin Herkenham Blue Box Wellness, LLC Arlington, MN USA industry
Kristine Ashcraft Invitae Seattle, WA USA industry
Jacob Lunding Villadsen Eurofins Genomics A/S 8464 Galten Denmark industry
Colleen DeLizza First Databank, Inc Mountain View, CA USA industry
Rochelle Long NIGMS, NIH Bethesda, MD USA observers
Adriana Malheiro NCBI/NLM/NIH Washington, DC USA Y observers
Ravie Kem National Cancer Institute Rockville, MD USA observers
Michael Pacanowski U.S. Food and Drug Administration Silver Spring, MD USA observers
Samuel Johnson American College of Clinical Pharmacy Washington, DC USA Y observers
Austin McKittrick Genetic Support Foundation Olympia, WA USA observers
Katarzyna Drozda FDA Silver Spring, MD USA observers
DeeAnn Visk DeeAnn Visk Consulting Poway, CA USA observers
Isabelle Searcy Self Plymouth, MN USA observers
Simona Volpi NHGRI Bethesda, MD USA observers
Patti Smeelink Keim Michigan Board of Pharmacy MI USA observers
Laura Dean National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD USA observers
Jeffrey Simmons Leadership Equipped Consulting Cleveland, OH USA observers
Seth Strawbridge ASHP Bethesda, MD USA Y observers
Megan Kane NCBI/NIH Bethesda, MD USA observers
Elizabeth Buchanan University of Louisville Louisville, KY USA observers
Jason Lewis LRx Precision Health Consulting Utah USA other
Jackie Kostick Invitae Falls Church, VA USA other
Jamie Wilkey Arches Health, LLC Orem, UT USA other
Selma Eikelenboom-Schieveld Independent Forensic Services, LLC Santa Fe, NM USA other
Displaying 501–540 of 540  1 2