Overview Presentation

  • These slides describes CPIC, the underlying assumptions of CPIC guidelines, the guideline development process and how the guidelines can be implemented in a clinical setting. Overview presentation slides
  • A brief video overview of CPIC can be found here.
  • A one-page summary of CPIC can be found here.
  • A video reviewing CPIC levels and FDA pharmacogenetic information can be found here.

Database & API

CPIC data is available in structured formats via the database (DB) and the API. This data comes from the clinical practice guidelines sourced from CPIC guideline publications and related sources. Read the cpic-data documentation to get more information about how to use the API and DB. Questions about the DB or API can be submitted via GitHub issues or to the CPIC contact email address.

Below is a video containing a brief overview of the technical aspects of the DB and API:


View a list of current implementers
CPIC users and media mentions

Term Standardization for Clinical Pharmacogenetic Test Results

Learn about CPIC’s Term Standardization Project

Term Standardization for Clinical Pharmacogenetic Test Results-Part 2

Learn about CPIC’s Term Standardization Project Part 2

Genotype to Phenotype Standardization Project

Learn about the CYP2D6 Genotype to Phenotype Project

CPIC SOP for Assigning Allele Function

The draft SOP is now available. Public comment period is closed. Deadline for providing feedback was October 23rd, 2019.

CPIC SOP and the FDA

As of May 2020, CPIC has begun the pre-submission processes to work towards seeking FDA recognition of portions of CPIC as part of their program to recognize public human genetic variant databases. CPIC plans to seek recognition for its assertions on assignment of clinical function to alleles, and on diplotype-to-phenotype translations.

CPIC Logo Graphics

Logo image files that you can use for referring to CPIC. The images are in PNG and SVG format.

Other Resources